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Welcome to the Future

Science Fiction is what pushes advancing technology along.

Want proof? How about cell phones? when were these crafty little devices first imaged? All through the thirties and forties. Even in the 1960s, in Star Trek, we see the communicators which allow the away crew to speak with the ship while they are on a planet.

We have computers a million times smaller than anyone ever imagined. A flash drive – granted a more expensive, larger one – can now hold over 60gb. That’s about 60 movies, about 10,000+ songs, and an untold number of novels in Word format.

What is the next step?


Sorry, I mean the iPad. The iPad, Steve Jobs newest addition to the family, seems like many of Mr. Jobs’ additions. Impractical. After all, who needs to have hundreds of CD’s at their beck and call, fit into the size of a deck of cards? What is the point of a computer that can fit into a manilla envelope?

Well, it turns out that iPods are magnificent, and something that hundreds of millions people use every day. In fact, the iPod has lead to the iPhone and the iPod Touch, which are both phenomenally popular, and are what has led up to the iPad.

While it may not seem like it is very practical now, with time and a few updates, it is very likely that it will prove itself to be very much like the PADDs of Star Trek. Versatile and useful in a number of ways varying from work to games.

Perhaps within a few years, it will even surpass what Commander Riker uses with the addition of a built-in webcam and a holographic projector, for all your important communications.

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