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Late February Became Early March

Note: I wrote all this at the end of February, it just took me two weeks to click post.

L and I went to check out a new coffeeshop I have wanted to visit on the east side – but it is closed on Sunday, so we went for a little walk.

I have had a range of thoughts, feelings and ideas going through my head the last month or so, and have not really taken any time to write about them in depth. Even in Twitter form, I have barely talked about some of what is on my mind – so here we go.

First up, L and I saw a few shows in February, and they have all been very good – Buyer and Cellar at the Armory, as well as a dress rehearsal of Tiny Beautiful Things (also at the Armory) – the former straight-up funny, the latter filled with a sad happy rainbow of emotions. At the end of the month, we saw Come From Away, which was 100 minutes of tears with no intermission – the story is about a city in Newfoundland that planes are diverted to on 9/11.

Seeing Come From Away is a great reminder of the massive amounts of compassion, care and empathy humans have, which is nice – I do not feel like I always get to see that in my day-to-day, and it is a nice reminder. It is a much simpler play than something like Hamilton – but within the simplicity of form and structure, there is more complexity of feeling and emotion.

Reading this month has been a bit challenging, of no cause other than my inability to focus – it comes about from time to time.

I sold about 100 Funko Pops, and it was not to the highest offer, but the offer that was in front of me at the moment. I think I might try to bail on some more by the end of summer, but it was nice just to deal with these right now. Now that there’s a bit more space in the basement, hoping to go through a few other boxes of stuff I have carried around for years and make sure it is truly the most essential it can be.

A new bus line goes through my neighborhood now, which is pretty exciting — and the Timbers Stadium renovations are almost complete after two years!

Back in December I shared some writing I had done with friends for feedback – got that back, and just have a small handful of edits to complete before I work on some next steps. Every time I see a creative performance I am reminded how much I want to be doing the creating thing – then I get sucked into a cycle. Hopefully with a near-future move will come some workspace to be able to sit at a desk and truly focus – there is not really space in our apartment that I can use like that, and going to a coffee shop is a burdensome luxury that I mostly reserve for reading.

At work, a project I have been stuck on for a while has finally moved forward, and I am so excited – it has taken so long (almost a year and a half) to get to where we are. An office I am working with to implement a SaaS we signed a contract for has assigned a project manager, which has been great because she knows who to ping for what. Things I have been stuck on for months happened in a matter of hours.

As the transition to my new role is further in the rear view mirror, I am balancing the new functions of my role with the old, learning how (and what) to delegate, and learning more about managing.

I am hoping to pull together some presentation proposals in the next few months – when I did my review at this time last year, I said I wanted to publish/present during the current academic year. That goal just does not see likely at this point, but no sense in bailing on the goal – it is useful and important. I think where I struggle most is seeing my work as innovative or new – rather, I see it as doing what needs to be done.

My running mileage was down in February – I think it sits around 20 miles or less. I am still dealing with some pain in my knee. It is getting beyond frustrating at this point to upsetting. I need to see a Physical Therapist, but to do that, I feel like I need to stop into my General Practitioner. Last time I had pain in my leg from running he told me I weighed to much to be running as much as I was – obviously I do not want to repeat that, but also he has been my GP for like, four years.

Anyway, that seems to about sum up the bulk of the things that have been on my mind.

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