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Share the Soup, Save the World

Today I was fortunate enough to be able to go do community service as part of my job training. The idea is that it provides a good model for our residents to follow. There were a number of trips today to a number of places within the community around my Beautiful California University.  I joined the group that went to a local food kitchen to box up food for families.

Being able to volunteer today was actually really cool. I was able to step out of myself, to not worry about time, and to relax and do what needed to be done. When I was younger, I did not really have a whole lot of time. My every bit of energy towards working was in the pursuit of money so that I could take care of myself and the wants/needs I had.

In a way, it was like my life had come full circle. Just ten years ago, I was on the other side of the counter. I am so grateful that I am now able to have food and things that I need. In fact, I have more than I need. I have plenty that I want. Sometimes, when I think about it I wonder if it is worth it. I mean, I have all these DVD’s, books, clothes and random things that I do not really even need.

After we did the volunteer work, we ate sandwiches and had a debrief sessoon. The day was really relaxed. It was nice to just chill and chat about a somewhat common experience. It was amazing to think about how we all went out to different parts of the community. As a whole staff, we made a difference to the entire community in a number of ways. As a whole staff, we did work that would take the people who normally do it up to three times as long to complete, allowing them to accomplish other tasks.

It is very interesting to think about all that we have that many (even just in our community, let alone the country (or the world)) do not.

And while it is important to help those in Haiti during crisis, why are we not helping those here all the time?

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  1. Christine
    January 27, 2010

    HTML fail. XD

    “And while it is important to help those in Haiti during crisis, why are we not helping those here all the time?”
    Um, we are. It just so happens that an earthquake hasn’t destroyed our entire fucking country recently.

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