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Book Review: Star Trek: From History’s Shadow

One major Science Fiction trope Star Trek uses over and over again is that of time travel. We always find the crew of whatever ship visiting whatever time the show … Continue reading

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Trek in the Park – Season 5

As many of my regular readers may know, I grew up on Star Trek. Traditional children’s programming was not allowed, but most episodes of Star Trek were deemed as acceptable … Continue reading

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Grad School Finals and Star Trek

One of the questions on my final was to define, describe and apply the 1991 edition of Cross’ Model of Psychological Nigrescence. So I started writing my essay from the … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Future

Science Fiction is what pushes advancing technology along. Want proof? How about cell phones? when were these crafty little devices first imaged? All through the thirties and forties. Even in … Continue reading

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Contraband TV

When I was about ten years old (maybe a little older, maybe a little younger – it’s hard to be sure without doing a lot of mental math and remember, … Continue reading

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