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The first sentence of an about me section is always the hardest for Nathanial to write. One time, he used that space to describe his feelings on Ice Cream Cake (is it a cake, or ice cream in a square?)

Nathanial lives in Portland, Oregon. Nathanial is a student services professional at Portland State University, focused on student success and retention for the School of Business. In this role, he has coordinated and collaborated the School of Business’ efforts for a five and a half percent increase in student retention.

His work on student success has been published by NACADA, and he has been invited to speak at multiple NACADA conferences, as well as a NORIE meeting about the work he has done and retention trends.

Nathanial and his wife, L, got married in March 2017. They love traveling, reading and exploring new restaurants together.

In his free time, Nathanial is working on writing the next mediocre American novel, a few science fiction projects, and a really daunting comic script that involves a time loop. He also tries to run at least 20 miles a week. He is hoping to release his first three zines this year, including the minicomic “I hope you find it” about his experience visiting his mothers grave, the first part of an ongoing science fiction series, and this darned time travel story.

How do adults do everything?

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