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The Drugstore on Bainbridge Island

The other weekend, I got a chance to visit my Aunt up in the Puget Sound part of the world, which was actually quite fun!

On my last day visiting her, we went to Bainbridge Island, where she had lived for quite awhile. Unfortunately, I had not been to Bainbridge before, merely heard tell of how incredible and fun it is.


This is how adorable the island is, the have a cartoon-like map of the town hung by a wall on the main street.

It is a cute, tiny community with an adorable downtown, a delicious bakery, a satisfying bookstore and more incredibly, an overwhelmingly well-stocked drugstore. I got bored looking around after awhile, so I started live-tweeting pictures of what I was seeing. Here are a few of those things…





Not pictured; a variety of advent calendars, actual medicine (duh, you would expect that in a drug store), a Darth Tater branded Mr. Potato Head, and much more!

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