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Second Breakfast from Taco Bell

Even after not having the most positive of experiences last week with the Taco Bell breakfast menu, I decided to give it another go this past week, and grab a few more breakfast menu items.

The breakfast burrito with bacon, opened.

The breakfast burrito with bacon, opened.

First up on deck was the Breakfast Burrito. I ordered the Breakfast Burrito with eggs. I took a bite, realized it was pretty solid and could use some hot sauce and opened it up for the picture you see here. I mean, it’s basically just bacon, cheese and eggs. 10 months ago I would have been disinterested, but since I have taken to eggs, this was pretty alright. I was kinda wishing for some potato in it. Hot sauce added some pizzazz and ketchup added some temperature difference, which is always a nice thing.


IMG_4093Next up, the Cinnabon Delights. I do not really even need to describe these to you, because they describe themselves. Essentially tiny cinnamon-flavored balls of dough with icing inside. What I found most appealing, besides how delicious they were, was the icing being on the inside. Typically icing is difficult to manage and I find it personally undesirable. It is sticky and gets everywhere. But inside a tiny ball of dough, it just stays there. They are bite sized. I ordered four of these and that was just the right amount.


Finally, the AM Crunchwrap, which should probably be renamed to the AM Wrap. The AM crunchwrap is the shape of a crunchwrap, without being the size. Or having the crunch. It is a tortilla wrapped around a hash-brown, eggs and your choice of meat (bacon seemed like the least likely to offend). I liked it well enough. That is to say, I did not dislike it.


All-in-all, with the Cinnabon Delights also available as a desert menu item, I have to say that I am more interested and have stronger preference to Taco Bell’s regular day menu items over their breakfast menu items.

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  1. Nick
    April 10, 2014

    Hmm. Doesn’t sound like Taco Bell breakfast is a real winner!

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