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Running Log – April 3-11

I’m training to run a half marathon – every day after I run, I have taken to writing short (or long) journal entries on how I felt my run was. I am running the half-marathon as part of a team, raising money for Cupcake Girls Portland. If you are interested in learning more and donating, click here.

3 April, 2014 – 4.01miles – 39:25

The beautiful Northwest District

The beautiful Northwest District

 Today I ran four miles, in under forty minutes. This is really great, but sometimes I get lost in what I should be doing. I really need to be improving distance, not speed. I am achieving my goal of consistency, but it is too quick and I think taking all my energy by mile three. Even pushing out the last .2 miles of the 5k distance was a huge struggle. I did manage to improve my 5k, so that is awesome.

I know that one of the reasons I love is the lesson of perseverance, and that I can run all of a 5k minus .2 miles at once without stopping (except for stoplights and cars) is really impressive over where I was even at Christmas time when I was struggling to that distance.

I really love running in the rain, even the light rain mist or whatever. So, it seems, does the rest of northwest Portland. The streets were more crowded than I have yet seen. It could also be that I started running closer to 6pm and that is when more people run. Usually I start closer to 5 or 5:30, so it could just be that by 6:10 or 6:25ish the areas I am running are not as packed.

On Tuesday I felt like this week I could run to Cathedral Park and back. Now, I do not even know. I guess I question my abilities a bit on days I run less. This half marathon is in a month, and I am not even able to run half the distance. Maybe on my next run, I will try doing a 10k, see if I can do that.

5 April, 2014 – 3.31 miles – 34:38

I mean, at least I got out there and ran today, right? My run today feels rougher than my run the other day. I had to hobble along after two miles, barely pushing myself. Maybe it is the fact that I am mofe of an afternoon runner than a morning runner. But oh, how I long to be a morning runner, and pound out those miles before doing anything else with my day

7 April, 2014 – 3.67 miles – 33:21

IMG_7484It was a wonderful sunny day today. The first my of my run was down Taylor, and the other 2.67 were around the Riverfront. I got to run on both sides of the river today for the first time, which was incredible. Not only that, but across the Hawthorne bridge, which is my favorite of the bridges. Discovered a pedestrian walkway across the lower portion of the Steel Bridge, which was cool, and was out with lots of other fit, active people. Managed to keep each of my miles very steady in comparison to each other. Ran with a friend, and we each went at our own pace, which was mostly similar. I am very happy to see the sun return.

8 April, 2014- 2.73 miles – 26:18

The Blerch got me today. But that’s okay, because I ran, and running is what’s important. Dark and cloudy. Felt like a decently consistent pace.

11 April, 2014 – 6.40 miles – 1:00:01

IMG_9282Today I ran almost to where NW St. Helens road meets NW Yeon. After I passed Montgomery Park, heading west was mostly just warehouses and trucks. Lots of sand and dirt. Felt almost a bit like a paved, semi-civilived version of Tatooine, with a bit of Endor looming in the distance. My goal today was to make it up to the Cathedral Bridge, and I did not meet that goal. But I ran very far today, so I am okay with not making that goal. Also, I think I would like to know that I can make it most of the way back after running up there. Since it is almost a six-mile run to get there, I still have a bit of improving to do. My right shoulder hurts a bit, but I think that is more from carrying a messenger bag on it than anything. My legs do not feel even close to as bad as I would expect.

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