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10 Animal .GIFs to Brighten Your Day

It is Wednesday, so I thought you might be able to use the encouragement that can only be provided by cute animal .GIFs

1) Red Panda Pull-Ups

Because how can you not coo at a Red Panda doing pull-ups on a set of rings?

2) Dog Pawing


3) Hedgehog Yawn

When has yawning ever been this adorable? When, I ask you!

4) Kitten and Dog are Friends

You should probably text your BFF and let them know how thankful you are for them now.

5) Sloth in a Bucket


6) Adventure Cat & His Sidekick, Sleepy Dog

I mean, I don’t even have anything to say about this. SO. CUTE.

7) Ducks on the Move

That wall looks pretty hard to jump from.

8) Bunny Buddies

Do you smell that?

9)Turtle on a Tech Deck

Who knew skating could be so low-maintenance?

10) Baby Giraffe Stands Up

Standing is hard when you’re tall.

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