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Eleventh Doctor Rewatch: Flesh and Stone

Writer’s Note: I apologize for missing a few weeks of these posts. I plan to be back on my game and get a few of these queued up for most Thursday’s in September by the time you see this.

This classic Eleventh Doctor two-parter swiftly and creatively moves the story to a conclusion, and reminds viewers what we love about Eleven. Even in dangerous, serious situations when he has to hold everything together, he is still filled with clumsy life and wit. He knows how to stay calm in the face of fire, and he knows when to hold his line. He is compassionate and well-rounded. (Sidenote: is it heavy-handed to call something from four years ago classic?)

Fixed Points: The Doctor uses the hole in the wall to defeat the Angels.

Forgettable: The hole in time makes people forget about those it has consumed. This is the most literally forgettable thing in all of Smith’s run as the Doctor.

Line of the Episode: “River Song, I could bloody kiss you.” “Yeah, well, maybe when you’re older.”

Foreshadowing: That moment in the forest when the Doctor asks Amy to trust him. Note that the Doctor is wearing his jacket when he approaches Amy, but was not wearing it when he walked away. River’s jacket has an Omega patch on the shoulder. In the previous episode we also saw an Omega over a door on one of the ships. While this is nothing that has amounted to anything by the second episode of Series Eight, I believe this is something Moffat is working up to. Finally, the line of the episode I listed is slight foreshadowing.

Fan-Service: Like I said before, it’s an episode about the Angels. Additionally, River Song.

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