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Things to do While 25

Being 24 has been a great experience, but much of the year has been a holding pattern – I have been waiting for some stability, trying to figure out what I want to accomplish with the next few years of my life. It seems like many of the goals I set in my early 20s were no longer relevant to my life after I made the decision to move to Portland.

I have no clue where the next year will take me, but in an effort to guide some accomplishments in the next 12 months, and create a slightly longer plan, I intended to create a list of 25 Things to Accomplish while 25. After 21 things, I realized that I do not currently have 25 things I want to accomplish in the next year. That, and if I count some of the goals that have multiple items (visit 3 states, for example), I would have well over 25 actions.

This seems like an excellent list of things to plan to do over the next year. Sure, 16 is a weird number for this sort of thing, but I am mostly satisfied with it. There is a significant number of things to accomplish over the next year, and I am sure I will do much more than is on this list.

1) Hold (or pet) a sloth
2) Visit 2 new Major League Baseball stadiums
3) Visit 3 new states
4) Visit Bend, OR
5) Go to a minor-league baseball game
6) Go to an ice hockey game
7) Register for a marathon
8) Look at 5 condos for sale
9) Complete and hang a cross-stitch
10) Complete the writing of a book or substantial story collection
11) Pay off half of one student loan
12) Hike Multnomah Falls
13) Grow my hair out, until I’m bored with it.
14) Visit 6 new breweries
15) Be a mentor
16) Read at least 26 books
17) Present at a conference
18) submit academic writing for publication
19) create a con-ready science fiction show/movie costume
20) go to emerald city comic-con and Rose City Comic-Con
21) go to WorldCon


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