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Quotes of the Week

This past week I got to have some good phone conversations with friends and mentors from home. Here’s a few excerpts.

Star Wars Ice Cubes

Marissa: Is your phone being attacked by an alien?

Me: No. My stupid Han Solo in Carbonite ice cubes are stuck together.

Marissa *Starts laughing hysterically*

Me: …

Marissa: *laughs*

Me: Yeah. That’s right. I have Han Solo in Carbonite ice cube trays.

Marissa: *still laughing* Yeah, I remembered that.

Me: They were stuck together.

Marissa: It’s just… that sentence was so random.

Me: Yeah. Oh my gosh! So cool! So you know how when ice cubes melt, they melt in the same shape they came in? So it melts in the shape of HAN SOLO IN CARBONITE

Marissa: *laughs more*

Me: Yeah. Earlier today I was biting an ice cube, and it was awkward cause Han Solo’s tiny frozen hands were pressed against my lower lip. It’s like “oh, there’s his face.”

Skipping Sweatervest Wednesday

Marissa: So you didn’t wear a sweatervest today?
Me: Yeah….
Marissa: How was it?
Me: It was weird. There were like, several points in the day, where I was like “what day is it? Is it Wednesday? This is weird.”

Traveling to London

Ms. Davis: You always make impulse decisions and they turn out badly.

Me: My quick decisions don’t ALWAYS turn out badly. Name a time where I made a terrible quick decision.

Ms. Davis: You went to London with no hotel room booked.

Me: Okay, that didn’t turn out terribly! I wasn’t completely miserable, and it makes for a great story.

Ms. Davis: Oh, here we go…

Me: It was a learning experience! I now know to not travel without booking hotel rooms. Will I actually learn from this? Possibly.


One Comment on “Quotes of the Week

  1. Lauren
    April 15, 2012

    I booked my half of my hostels the night before AND it was New Years weekend. You aren’t the only one!

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