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24 Hour Royal Family Kids Camp Fundraiser

Photo of RFKC 2017 by Bryan Welsh.

For the last three years, I have served with Royal Family Kids Camp in Portland for a week every summer.

It has been a truly incredible experience each individual year. Now that I have served for three years, I am beginning to see the experience as a whole, and not just individual parts. I have seen campers (not just my own) grow and reflect and deal with challenges. I have served with other volunteers who I have also seen mature or have an impact on my life as I have matured.

This year, I particularly noticed the need for material goods to make camp happen – watching the kids fish, I think about endless fishing lines, bait and gear. Watching the kids play sports, I think about those basketballs, bicycles and more. Watching the Everybody’s Birthday celebration at camp, I think “this had to come from somewhere, this had to be paid for by someone.”

This year, I want to  be someone. Will you join me?

I will match every donation (up to $500) made directly to Portland Royal Family Kids Camp between 10pm Pacific time on September 1st, 2017 and 10pm PST September 2nd, 2017. (Yes, the PDX RFKC is run through Portland Christian Center – the website you are directed to is their giving page, make sure Royal Family Kids Camp is in the memo line).

You can easily turn one dollar into two, and make a difference in the lives of children!

Just go to the link above, donate and send me a message with screenshot with how much you donated – I will make sure to match it by Sunday morning.

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