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The Blah

The sum of my writing in this space over the last year is two posts. I have had DAYS in the past that were like that. I have felt most movement and success when I have had posts scheduled out for weeks, sometimes a few posts a day.

Over the last year and a half or so, I have had a number of times where I have thought “maybe this would be good to blog about,” then I either do not find space and time to do that, or I sit down and feel like what I have to write is not useful, not interesting, or I am not quite sure the boundaries of what I can talk about.

I have running things to write about, but a lot of that feels repetitive and useless to share. Ideas related to work feel like they should stay at work. Ideas related to church or faith feel like they should stay there. I have read a lot of books and seen a lot of movies, and I enjoy that. But I do not feel connected enough to critical lenses to be able to write something good or new or different.

I guess all of this can summed up by being called “The Blah.”

I have felt The Blah for awhile. and I keep thinking about writing in this space to overcome The Blah. I keep thinking “I should apologize for The Blah” or “it’s so passe to apologize for not blogging.”

Here are ten things I want to write about;

  1. I stopped using Nike+ to track my runs, and started using Strava
  2. The feeling of losing data because of number one (but not really, and why)
  3. movies I have seen since subscribing to MoviePass
  4. Specifically Geostorm
  5. Star Wars books I have read this year
  6. Other books I have read this year
  7. learning about camera things
  8. running
  9. probably marathon training again
  10. anticipated books

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