Nathanial Garrod

You’re Not a Comic Book

One of the things I love about Comic Books is the ability to tell and re-tell the same story. Each time, there are different bits of the character fleshed out, depending on the interpretation of the writers.

Lately Hollywood has begun to pick up on this and so we have hundreds of remakes of older films. In recent example, Spiderman and Batman. In a different time, with different writers and directors, the same story is told differently.

In a way, retelling these stories creates completely different characters. Sure, the baseline is there. But in reality, these characters are products of different environments, and thus become different people. Some versions are good, some versions are better, some versions are terrible. The character I like could be the one you like least.

In real life, we do not have this ability to tell and retell the stories of our lives. Sure, past events are open to interpretation by our current selves. What we do here and now – our stories as they unfold – can only be lived once.

How will you live your story so that it is the best it can be?

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