Nathanial Garrod

Summer-Time Drives

It is time to hit the road for the third, and final, time this summer.

Every time I am getting ready to drive some long distance, I have this surreal feeling. Like, I am in one place and soon I am leaving to go to another and I cannot quite believe it.

It does not seem real yet.

I remember talking with my assistantship supervisor back in April about my how excited and anxious I was for the adventure I had this summer. I remember telling her (and many others) about how I was planning to drive from Oklahoma to California to New York and back to Oklahoma.

I remember a number of people trying to talk me out of it.

It has been one of the best adventures I have ever had. I have gotten to see the country in a way I never would have dreamed that I would be able to.

I drove across the desert of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, through Southern California and up to my home in Sonoma County. I pushed myself hard on that drive, but made it through the desert to my tranquility at home.

Driving out to New York from California was the ultimate test. It was not just the excitement and joy at getting to drive across the country, but the fear and concern for my car.

Today I begin my drive back to Oklahoma. I return to graduate school for my second (and last) year. I am excited to have the time to reflect, think and see more of the country.

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