Nathanial Garrod

“You can never go home…”

This is how life goes on. This is how when you leave, everything changes. This is how “you can never go home.” Because home isn’t the same when you go back.

As a young adult finding my way in the world, I struggle with this.

About 80 days ago, I moved away from California, from Sonoma County, from everything I’d ever known for 21 ¾ years. And when I go back, nothing will be the same.

On both ends, new friendships will be forged, old places will be different, ownership will have switched hands. Memories will still be there, the places will still be there, but the faces? The faces will be different.

This friendship, our friendship is rock solid. And it holds no territory. It knows no locational boundaries. This friendship doesn’t exist in a singular geographic location. It exists in all geographic locations.

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  1. marissachristine
    September 2, 2011

    Happy Birthday to you from me!

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