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Winter Break 2009-10

As my winter break draws to a close (my Beautiful California University has a rather long winter break for some reason that I know now. I just know that when a good thing happens, you do not question it), I must pause to reflect on everything that has happened the past six weeks.

After a thorough cleaning of my room on the Saturday after finals week, I went to the twins house, where I stayed for a week. During that week, I visit two of my other best friends that live in a somewhat eastern direction, which was a lot of fun for a number of reasons. I love seeing where people live and what they grew up doing. It is so much fun to go to peoples favorite hometown restaurants. I love the feeling of walking through new places and seeing things I have never seen before. It was exciting to see the Capitol Building for the state of California, and to see the older part of Sacramento. I also enjoyed driving through the empty fields of Lodi-ish-area.

I spent Christmas with the twins family – Christmas Eve, we watched Die Hard 4 and played a number of games — Pokemon, Jenga, Life, Pit and etcetera. I lost at everything. It was tragic. Instead of giving gifts, they did a White Elephant gift exchange (I would love to do a Black Tortoise gift exchange, or a Rainbow Lemur gift exchange. Just for the record), which was SO much fun.

Christmas day was very relaxed. I spent most of the day with the twins and visited my family for a couple hours.

The day after Christmas, I flew out to Seattle, where I got to spend time with my aunt who lives up there. This trip was not originally planned to be solo. Fortunately, humans are better at adapting to change than most other creatures. I adore spending time in Seattle. It is such a nice, beautiful city. I got to see the Seattle Symphony and it was utterly amazing. One of the most fantastic performances I have ever been to. Which is saying something, because I have been to a number of spectacular performances. It was also nice to spend some time walking around the city. It does not seem as big and overwhelming as it did when I visited two years ago.

Upon my return to California, I got to come back to school for intercession. I have been here taking a Philosophy class on Cyberethics that was quite fascinating. I learned a lot from it. I had originally planned to drive down to Southern California to visit some friends that were meeting up down there. When I realized exactly how serious my financial situation was, I decided that while not as fun, it would be more cost effective to spend that time up here.

So that, in a nutshell is a general recap of my winter break.

How was yours? Do you have any exciting stories to share?

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  1. Christine
    January 24, 2010

    Winter break was lame. I did almost nothing. I was in Seattle twice in December though, once for basketball and once because my plane to California stopped there. I can’t believe people at non-liberal arts schools would take philosophy classes willingly though, that just blows my mind.

    P.S. I have a blog too.

  2. Kate Myers
    January 24, 2010

    I am so excited you started a blog again Nathan! It has been added to my “bookmarks” so I will be sure to check back often 🙂 It sounds like overall you had a really great winter break. I think one of the highlights of mine was actually going to the zoo with you and seeing a little bit of San Francisco and getting dinner at CPK. Keep writing ’cause you know I love to read! <3 hugs

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