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A New Beginning

I cannot remember an extended period of my life since age 12 that I have not had a blog. That means that nearly the past ten years (it’s a rounded number) of my life (on and off) have been chronicled online. With this track record, it is hard to know where to start with a new blog. I do not want to give off the cliché “this-is-my-first-post-on-my-new-blog” vibes.

I want to be able to provide you, dear reader, with unique quality content that is worth your time. I want it to be significant and meaningful to you.

I can promise no regular posts, as I am a full-time student with multiple part-time jobs. But I will insure that there is at least one post a week. Writing is like anything else — the more practice one has, the better one gets. I shall try to mix up the content, posting stories, thoughts, and articles. My hope is that this is not just another blog but something significant in the stream of life.

If you want a more media saturated stream, please check out candid fiction Express. candid fiction Express is the tumblr account that I am using in conjunction with this blog, so I will be posting (mostly links to) pictures, videos, and music on that site.

Thanks for joining me for the adventure! It’s going to be grand!

2 Comments on “A New Beginning

  1. Emma
    January 24, 2010

    W00T! first comment!

  2. Elisa
    January 24, 2010

    a look in to your mind…intriguing! I dare say I will be checking back often

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