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Who Are You With, Huh?

I found an old script tonight through happenstance, and decided it was worth sharing with the world.

This script was written when I was in college and is titled Who Are You With, Huh?

It was written in Spring 2009 as part of the Sonoma State University theatre club’s 24 Hour Theatre project. This is absolutely one of my favorite writing projects I have ever done.

24 HOur ThreatreFor about a week before the event, writers, actors and directors could sign up to participate. Anyone could suggest titles. 24 Hours before the show, the writers would arrive to get their assigned title, actors and director.

The writers had twelve hours to turn around a script that would be given to the directors, who had twelve hours to rehearse the play with their actors. The plays could be as long or short as necessary, and there were prizes and stuff. The writers, of course, had to make sure their play had something to do with the title.

The sunglasses were partly a joke, and partly a phase. A really bad phase.

The sunglasses were partly a joke, and partly a phase. A really bad phase.

This was a lot of fun, because I spent the first three or four hours in the Starbucks across from my college campus with some friends that were also writing for the show. Then a couple of them bailed and we progressed to someones apartment (or maybe the library), then I ended up in the newspaper lab with the fancy computers finishing up my project around 3 or 5 am. I napped for a bit, then woke up to make some final edits before printing it off and turning it in.

It was really cool to see my work on a stage, to know that whatever I did it would be okay. It was really gratifying even, to hear the beats people laughed at, to collaborate with other artists without interacting with them.

Finding this script tonight and re-reading it reminds me so much of the things I have loved, and the things I miss. I really love collaborative art forms and I think I want to spend some time this year pursuing those.

Anyway, here is the script (and the awful YouTube video I took of the performance).

Who Are You With, Huh


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