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The Extended Edition of 2015

We are now a full month into 2016, but it does not feel like a new year. Instead, January has felt like an extended edition of 2015.

2015 was a year full of change, travel, and running – a year that I have not even had a chance to sit down and write out reflections on, a year I have not been able to review my goals and progress for.

A year that seems to have rolled over into the beginning of 2016. The calendar year seems like it has gotten off to a rough start because I have been so busy – my best friend visited through the first week of January (it snowed that week!) and I left to Orlando for a race right after that (literally, the next day), then I was back for barely over a week before traveling up to Seattle for a work conference and now I am back.

IMG_2872I am considering the beginning of 2016, the beginning of my new year, to be February 1st. I have pulled out some writing projects to work on, I have been more selective about the foods I eat and I am trying to reign in my budget. Currently, I have no travel plans set for the rest of the year (probably going to Disneyland in November for a race) and no race plans set (except the probably-trip-to-Disneyland-for-a-race).

I am excited to get into a bit of a routine, to sort things out, and dedicate myself to some writing, some more cooking at home and more running. We shall see how that all pans out.

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