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Two Weeks on the West Coast

Tomorrow will be two weeks since I have left Oklahoma, and I know many are wondering what I have been up to since then.

I am still staying with my aunt for another few days. Last week I went to Portland to check out and commit to an apartment in the Northwest area. I absolutely love it. It is close to a Goodwill and about a five-ish minute walk to Powell’s City of Books.

I have gone to visit a bookstore I liked in Seattle that moved to a new location, enjoyed a cup of coffee, begun to develop formula to determine how hipster a coffee shops patrons are, gone to a Mariners game and gotten to drive around Mount Olympus.

Beyond my impending move to Portland, finishing up my last class (it is an online class), and writing, I have a few other things I will be doing in the next week or so before I move. I want to do some touristy things in Seattle, like the underground tour, Gas Works Park and riding the ducks (the cars that go in water and drive on the street with a tour guide) as well as seeing some friends and catching up. I have a feeling the next week and a half will move quickly.

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