Nathanial Garrod

The Cities

I’m in love with being in love with cities. Great buildings reach to scrape the sky. The limits of humanities creativity burst, block by block stretching outward, pulling inward the lonely, the social, the families, the individuals. Secrets of the centuries hide in walls, stories of tomorrow wait as another building stretches its mighty tower to the heavens.

I feel the life, the energy bursting as hundreds of thousands of people bustle around in suits, in running attire, in tourist clothes. I see the pain and the lonely, the homeless shuffling along the streets.

I am in love with cities, because they hold the entire spectrum of humanity. Because anything you can imagine can happen at a city, and many things you cannot imagine. I am in love with cities because there is hope and opportunity. Sure, there is also despair and failure, but light has less meaning without darkness.

I am preparing to live in a big city for the first time in my life, finally getting to live my dream in a city that I have unknowingly dreamed of living in for years. As the countdown continues – less than a week now – I feel my enthusiasm growing more and more. I have been spending a lot of time in Seattle the past few weeks. I have spent so much time in this cities over the years, always as a child, or a person growing up. Now I AM grown up, and it is bizarre to think that I blend in in this city because I could be anyone who works here or lives here.

And in less than a week, I will live in Portland, and hopefully be working soon. Making this transition is so thrilling. I am on the edge of all the things I have wanted to start in my life for so long.

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