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That One Time…

I really love the unexpected adventures life can take us on. The moments when we plan out “okay, so then I am going to do this or that” and another option comes along. Following those opportunities to say “yes” to new plans or experiences can be incredibly rewarding.

This past Saturday I found myself at a popular East Side concert venue, and I was thinking to myself that maybe, just maybe, I should be one of those people who goes to all kinds of awesome concerts. One of my friends has been talking for weeks about how one of his favorite bands was coming to town this week. I listened to Now, Now‘s music a few times during the week before and enjoyed it.

Through another slightly unexpected turn of events (because who plans for like half of Burnside to be shut down causing bus connections to not work like Google Maps says they will?), I ended up at the Now, Now concert at Backspace on Tuesday night, and I got a great “that one time…” story out of it.

It goes like this…

There was That One Time I got to take a picture with Cacie, the lead singer of Now, Now, and my friend insisted on using his fancy camera instead of my iPhone and it turned out super blurry.

Of course, when I texted today to see if he could send me the picture, so I could share with you how blurry it was, he said he already deleted it.

But hey, I had a super-fun time at a concert with one of my good friends in Portland and got to hear some new bands I had not heard before. After the concert we walked around looking for some decent food-serving place until we found one with delicious food.

If you haven’t listened to Now, Now before, check out the music video for Threads below. If you get a chance to see them live, you should go. They are so incredible. Like, I listened to their music most of the day at work today. And I really hope they come back to Portland sometime. Or some other place I visit/live in the future. Whatever.

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