Nathanial Garrod

Thankful: Day Two

Today I am grateful for Macaroni and Cheese.

Oh, you delicious noodles, smothered in cheesy goodness. Whether you come from a box, are in a casserole form, are ordered during happy hour, or are made from a recipe in my favorite cookbook based on a restaurant I have never been to, you are fantastic. All of your forms are incredible, make me happier, and inspire me to be a better person.

No, your inspiration to make me a better person is not hyperbole. I literally feel like I have to run 10 miles to enjoy a savory meal of macaroni and cheese without a cloud of guilt over my head.

The only time I have not liked the deliciousness that is scrumptious noodles doused in a paste of cheese was from a $0.50 store-brand box, but that is really my own foolish-ness.

Ah, Macaroni and Cheese, I hope to have more soon.

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