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Song Sunday – Week 15 (2014)

I am just over a month late on this one, so I apologize. This weeks song is Fancy, by Iggy Azalea (the Australian rapper) and Charli XCX (who was also on Icona Pop’s I Love It which was pretty popular last summer). I think this song has a decent shot at being a pretty big hit this upcoming summer. Around this time of year is when summer hits start to gain a bit of traction.

This video is clearly an homage to the 90s cult classic Clueless

I hear this song as being a bit sassy and irreverent. Charli XCX’s music is a sort of goth pop, so I hear her singing “I’m so fancy” as almost a sarcastic rebuttal to peoples expectations. Maybe I am reading into it too much though.

As I train for the half, this is definitely one of the songs on my workout playlist.

This track also got a shout-out the other week in an SNL sketch when Anna Kendrick (as The Little Mermaid) sang a few lines from it.

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