Nathanial Garrod

Sitting in Southwark Cathedral

The light shines
Through tinted windows
Yet in the dark corner I sit
To my left, the Tomb of Gower

My simple lines
By a river, rushing flows
Next to this Laureate I hardly fit
For my poetry hardly has power

South transept
Back row
Plaques of dead
Old flags high
Live in the moment

My life; except
“I don’t know where to go”
As I have said
With a heavy sigh

The organ echoes silent
Down the hall, choir echoes
Tall stone walls,
History of old.

The war inside: violent.
I see empty rows
My mind enthralls
What stories are untold?

A candle once lit
Burns until extinguished
Stone carvings fade after time
Thread runs thin after hundreds of years

Don’t wait and sit
Thinking of all you wished.
Live: let go of your fears.

They will remember, or they will forget.

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