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Review: Superman Earth One by J. Michael Straczynski and Shane Davis

Superman-Earth-One_coverSuperman: Earth One, written by J. Michael Straczynski and penned by Shane Davis is a stunning effort to retell the Superman story in a more modern environment.

The story starts with Clark Kent, moving to Metropolis from Smallville, and searching for his place in the big city. This makes him almost identifiable, as so many have made the move from small town to large city and maybe felt just a little bit lost or uncertain. Clark tries his hand at a few different positions, but never really strongly commits to anything. Yet as human and understandable as he is, the story of this Krytonian is still steeped in the famous mythology. We see flashbacks to conversations with Martha and Jonathan Kent – his adoptive parents – and how he came to be in this place. Uncertain of which way to go, and what to do, Clark seems to have walked away from his extra-terrestrial origins.

The story evokes the questioning and doubt we sometimes have within ourselves, the occasional fear that what we are doing is not a thing that is good enough for those around us. A reminder of the purity and importance of friendship.

Jimmy, the clumsy and awkward photography is now a confident and charming man who jumps in the way of danger and goes far beyond what is necessary or reasonable to get the job done. Lois Lane is a hard-heeled reporter who cars about humanity.

The tone of this Superman story is darker, color-wise. The script is fast-paced and upbeat. There were several moments where one is given pause by the excellent collaboration. There are a few sequences where the pace feels like it is slow motion, spiraling to one specific event, and that event happens and it wretches such emotional reaction that one finds themselves absorbing the panels.

Superman: Earth One (ISBN: 9781401224684) by J. Michael Straczynski and Shane Davis is available in both hardcover and trade paperback for $19.99 or $12.99 and is published by DC Comics

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