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Review: Assimilation2 by Scott and David Tipton

Star-Trek-The-Next-Generation-Doctor-Who-Assimilation2-Volume-1A few years back, there was rumor on the internet that a Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who crossover comic book would be created. Finally, something like the TNG/X-Men crossovers of the nineties that I could be excited about! This manifest itself in monthly issues starting in May 2013. Finally, this reviewer was able to find a copy of the trade paperbacks at the local library.

Of course, crossover expectations should always remain fairly low. Crossovers are fun adventures, but rarely ever make it into the official cannon of a universe. Overall, this maintains the fun sense of adventure and exploration fans of both shows know well.

Some time after the Battle at Wolf 359, the Eleventh Doctor, along with his companions Amy and Rory Pond, materialize in late 1800s San Francisco. Except it is not late 1800s San Francisco, it is the holodeck of the USS Enterprise D. This rough and tumble introduction leads to some confusion and conflict between the TARDIS crew and their new Starfleet friends.

This confusion is worked out with the Doctor realizes the Cybermen are working with the Borg. With the dimensions out of sync because of this incursion, the Doctor knows he needs to fix it.

This fun story reads quickly. The writing is somewhat loose and re-explores ideas and plot-points several times, but still manages to feel fluid and connected. My favorite interaction in the story is Amy Pond visiting Captain Picard’s ready room. Seeing Guinan and The Doctor pal around for a bit is pretty fun too.

All-in-all, I would recommend checking out this story if you were a fan of The Next Generation and you eagerly await new Doctor Who episodes.

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