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On-Air TV Shows I Regularly Watch

I used to only watch TV on DVD. Then I started watching a lot of shows that were on now. So while I try to not watch TV as much as possible, there are currently six major shows that I watch. Here follows an account of what they are and why I watch them

Dr Who – The Brits come up with some of the most amazing stuff. This is the oldest still running science fiction show in the world – it started in the 1960s, and it has been on haitus a few times, but it is still pumping strong! The genius of this is that they can change the actor who portrays the main character every few years, and it fits into “regeneration.” The current Doctor, Matt Smith, is a brilliant actor. I had my doubts about him at first but it seems like he is doing fairly well. Steven Moffat does some brilliant writing for this show. The entire fifth season was summed up into one of (what I think is) the greatest story arcs of all time.
Plot Summary in a Sentence: A man time travels in a phone booth with a female sidekick and always saves the day from the evil villain.
Why I Watch It: My friend Danielle got me really into it during my Sophomore year. Ever since then, I have loved the Doctor.

Stargate: Universe – The first half of the first season of this show was the most painfully boring, horrible, slow beginnings to a television show ever. It got dark and gritty but the plot never really moved anywhere. The second half of the season kicked it up a notch. When this show returns on September 28th, I think the second season will be spectucular. This show has so much going for it right now, and I think there is a very good future in store.
Plot Summary in a Sentence: A darker and grittier Star Trek Voyager in the Stargate universe (pun intended), without as much of the social commentary.
Why I Watch It: I do not really know… I just kept turning on the episodes, and now I am hooked.

How I Met Your Mother – Honestly, I have not finished the fifth season yet, so when the sixth season returns (September 20th) I may still be a little bit behind. I love the post-collegiate feel. The characters come across as real and real funny. They often deal with normal situations that anyone else would deal with, yet it changes from sorely awkward to amazingly funny.
Plot Summary in a Sentence (or three): A group of friends hang out in a bar. And at home. And at work.
Why I Watch It: My friend Lauren and I were bored one day before Spring Break and the first four seasons were on sale.

The Big Bang Theory – The comedy show for geeks. This show about two physicists is quick, catchy and entertaining. It also occasionally features Wil Wheaton as a guest star. How much more awesome can a show be? There’s always jokes about being socially awkward and about a number of geek sub-cultures, ranging from Comic Books, to Star Trek, to D&D. I think there’s even a few jokes about Tumblr and renaissance faires.
Plot Summary in a Sentence: Geeks do geeky stuff.
Why I Watch It: I was bored during Spring Break.

Big Brother 12 – I am only somewhat ashamed to admit that I watch this show. Yet at the same time I am very very proud. I do not know that I plan on ever watching Big Brother again. I have never watched it before. This reality TV show is a competition. The easiest way to describe it is like mixing The Real World and Survivor. Soooo much drama. But I think it’s really entertaining. I think there’s a lot of lessons that can be derived from it too. I would kinda like to go on this (or some) reality TV show, knowing all that I know and having the experiences I have had.
Plot Summary in a Sentence: Survivor + The Real World = Big Brother
Why I Watch It: My friend Caroline posted something about it in her Facebook status the first night it aired, and I was like “I’m not doing anything else right now.” So I started watching it.

Psych – This comedy-crime hybrid show is fantastic. James Roday and Dule Hill form a fantastic crime-solving duo. Roday’s character, Shawn Spencer, pretends to be a psychic in order to be hired by the Santa Barbara Police Department to solve crimes. I love this show because it is very fast and punchy. The dialogue is well written and a lot of the jokes are very hip and timely. I usually dislike the crime genre, because I feel like it is often too formulaic, but oftentimes Psych tends to thrown me off, and I enjoy it.
Plot Summary in a Sentence: An adult child and his best friend solve crimes.
Why I Watch It: When VideoDroid was closing, I saw the first season on sale on the shelf, and decided it was worth the risk.

3 Comments on “On-Air TV Shows I Regularly Watch

  1. Mike DiGrande
    August 16, 2010

    Add these to your list:

    -Breaking Bad
    -Sons Of Anarchy
    -Mad Men
    -Top Chef

    I’m 100% serious on that last one.

  2. Micah Foster
    August 16, 2010

    How I met your mother and big bang are two of my favs

  3. msloftis
    August 20, 2010

    Stargate Universe, The big Bang Theory, Psych are a few of my favorites. I also enjoy Eureka, Warehouse 13, and The Vampire Diaries

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