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My schedule for Monday (the first day of programming at ACPA) was packed full. During many of the time slots, I had multiple sessions selected in the Guidebook app. I flipped a coin to determine which sessions to attend, in most cases. If I flipped a coin and I did not like which way it turned, I knew that meant I was supposed to go to the other program. I had planned on starting my day out with a 7:30a program, but that plan failed as I slept in, still trying to compensate for my lack of sleep.

I ironed my white shirt and suited up, ready to attack the day by 9a. I ate the breakfast at my hotel, then decided to start my morning off with the coffee house hosted by the Standing Committee for Graduate Student and New Professionals. I actually drank coffee too.

I was chatting with a group of people, and met a young woman who was planning to attend the same session I was planning to attend.

I went to programming on First Year Seminars, College Student Development and Quarter-Life Crisis.

I had lunch with a fellow alum of the ACUHO-I STARS College 2010 and some of her classmates at Panera, which was fantastic. It was great to catch up and talk about different experiences in graduate school. It is so cool that while as student affairs graduate students we all attend different programs with different concentrations of study, we are all having roughly similar experiences. It is absolutely incredible that we can talk about a program or service and understand it in a very broad and general way then switch to talking about specific campus intricacies, then debate the positives and negatives. I really love that about student affairs.

The Quarter-Life Crisis session was really cool. As I reflect on my experience at the conference, I would have to say that program stands out as being one of the best. One of the things the presenter asked us to do was identify the five hobbies or things outside of work that we love doing most. It has been good for me to realize lately how important writing is to me. That realization has come not only through my writing-desert, but also from the observations of others. More on my five passions to come in the near future.

I went to a session on getting involved in ACPA, a goal that I would like to achieve. During the session, they suggested going to a showcase that would be in the exhibit room. As I was walking around there I saw Jerome and Tiffany – two of the hall directors from my undergrad. As we caught up and chatted, I asked for a picture.

I went to the Oklahoma State University reception and hung out with my cohort and the OSU alumni who were able to come. It was fantastic and featured little mini-cheeseburgers and pulled pork burgers with a selection of cheeses. When that ended we all went separate ways for awhile before reconvening for the dance hosted by the Standing Committee for Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Allies. I met up with Ed, Alycia, Cortney and Jen.

A good time was had by all. Slowly people left, and Ed and I went out with Ed and some people he had met.  After a short period of time, I went back to the hotel. I had planned on writing, but instead fell asleep.

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