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“Kiss the Planet Goodbye…”

“Galaxies” by Owl City

This has been the most played song in my iTunes since I acquired it almost a year ago. A pop-y synth violin warms us up for a beat and then we hear Owl City; “through the galaxies.”

On the first listen, the verses seem odd; incomprehensible. Yet over a hundred complete subsequent replays of the song reveal passion and meaning. One can discern a fight between the individual and everything else in the world. Then we hear the chorus:

“Dear God, you’re the only North Star I would follow this far.”

I cannot describe to you how many times these words have been etched on the corners of pages, written calmly in the middle of paragraphs in my journal, hastily prayed as I walk into one situation or another. For me, the emotion of this song is completely wrapped up in the last few months of my undergraduate career, as my imminent move began to become more real.

Driving across the country, this song came up on my iPod a number of times. I remember getting to Stillwater around midnight and hearing Galaxies on the radio. I sat in a parking lot and listened to it before calling the colleague who helped and supported me through my move.

Currently, this song sits at 162 plays.

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