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20130312-191446.jpg I have had the incredibly opportunity this year and last to work with Big Pink Volleyball. Big Pink Volleyball is a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness. What I love about Big Pink is how it is a fun way to bring a campus together. Students, Faculty and Staff are all invited to create teams and sign up for $5 a person. All the teams are placed into a bracket and 15-minute long games are played in the evening. Oh, and the volleyball? It’s a 4-foot pink balloon. When we say Big Pink Volleyball, we don’t mess around.

It has been so much fun to have Big Pink in my advisory experience, to see two different boards doing the same things in different ways. It’s been fantastic to see the small things that improve a campus-wide program and watch the students both work hard and have fun. Personally, it’s incredible to be able to do something in honor of my mom that I truly connect with. Sure, I’ve never been athletic, but Big Pink Volleyball is not an athletic thing. The amount of talent it takes to play is, well, none.


This year, the campus my graduate assistantship is at raised over $4200, which we donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The check presentation ceremony was amazing – it is so rewarding to know that the work I have done does not just make a difference in the lives of the students I am immediately working with, but potentially the lives of hundreds of people I will probably never meet.

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