Nathanial Garrod

Gratitude: Day Five

Today I am grateful for the internet.

I remember signing up for twttr years ago, I remember controversy when it added vowels. I remember signing up for Facebook as my first action after logging into my .edu email for the first time. I think Wikipedia is a reasonable source for introductory knowledge on a subject, and if I cannot remember what the name of that guy who is in this movie and also in that other thing, I IMDB him. IMDB is a verb, right?

I met friends through Dailybooth, I still do not totally understand this Instagram thing, and I Google questions (mostly so I can pull up the wikipedia page).

It is such a blessing to live in a time where I can share all kinds of knowledge and information with friends and with the general public.

Today I am going to a rally/meet-up/thing in Washington, D.C. in front of the White House for net neutrality. I believe net neutrality is very important, and if you like the way you interact with the internet (or think it should be freer/easier), you probably do too. Check out Fight For The Future and the cool stuff they do.

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