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From the Comic-Book Store – Week 1

This past week, I went to Floating World comics in Northwest Portland and browsed a bit – even taking the chance to chat with the comics guy a bit. He suggested dozens of titles currently in trade-paperback (from The Invincibles to Hellboy and B.P.R.D., to Young Avengers, Batman Incorporated, Captain America in Dimension Z, the Matt Fraction-written Iron man and so on – enough comics to last me probably the rest of the year). After talking with him for awhile and getting some suggestions that I later placed on-hold at the library (and may be discussing in-brief starting soonly), I bought two All New Marvel Now titles, both #1 issues.

Black Widow #1
A great opportunity to see Natasha Romanov away from the Avengers, and a chance for me to see more of her story and character. I figure anything is worth trying once, and this looked like a good story. Turns out it was. I pulled into to the slow beat of the story and am more than likely to buy #2 when it comes out.

Avengers World #1
Where Black Widow #1 had a calm, well-paced beat, Avengers World was more of a staccato, moving around the world at an unchecked pace. I know this issue is setting up the story moving forward, but it was overwhelming to be in so many parts of the world for only a couple of pages – and with barely a handful of characters I know from my previous comic experiences. I may pick up #2 if I can get more background on this story between now and then, as I did not feel fully prepared for this story.

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