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Batkid: You Give Us Hope

I was perusing the internet the other day when I saw a post from the San Francisco Chronicle that the official Make-A-Wish Foundation video of Batkid had been posted online.

Batkid, in case you were not aware, was the internet-viral safeguarding of San Francisco – masquerading for a day as Gotham City – by a 5-year old caped crusader. The young boy, who is in remission from leukemia, made his wish. He wanted to be Batman and save the city from certain danger. An attempt to raise 200 volunteers turned out over 12,000 loyal citizens of the San Francisco region of California.

On November 15, 2013 – known now as Batkid Day – thousands of pictures, videos and status updates were posted online as this young man saved San Francisco from theft and kidnapping, then was celebrated by the mayor. The world looked on as a small child in San Francisco gave us all a little bit of hope.

What Make-A-Wish and the City of San Francisco did for this young man and demonstrated to the world is incredible, but I did not watch any of the footage from Batkid Day, so when I saw on the Chronicle that the official video had been posted, I went straight to the 10-minute documentary. I teared up a few times with the hope and endurance of this kid.

Click here for the article I found this video, which features another video. Click here for more on The Batkid.

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