Nathanial Garrod

Eastward Bound: Day 1

I got in my car two hours later than planned today. After a brief stop for coffee in Roseville with my friend Kristin (who brought me a raspberry-chocolate scone!) I was on the road.

My car wasn’t happy in the mountain range near Tahoe. My engine-heat-o-meter (what’s the name of that thing?) got about halfway up. Afraid for my car, I rolled down my windows and turned the heat up. It got the engine heat down a bit.

Around the time I crossed into Nevada I had a bad feeling. It was almost like I could feel the road talking to my fears, stoking my insecurities. “I’ve been here for decades,” the road seemed to say. By nightfall I had to let go of my fears… And my plans to make it to Salt Lake City by the end of the day.


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