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date a person who breathes, if you want

I have seen a lot of articles in the past few days about why I should date a girl (it’s always a girl, never a woman – anyone else notice that?) who does this, or why a woman should date a man (always a man, never a boy – anyone else notice that?) who does this. I mean, yeah, this is a trend that has gone around since, what, MySpace? Chain e-mail? Everyone posts their thing. Lately, I have been annoyed with social media trends – everyone posting different opinions on similar content. All I see is “I’m single and lonely and it sucks.” Or “I’m in a relationship and it’s awesome YAYYY MEEE.”

See, single people these days are proud to be upset that they are single. Why do I think they are proud? Because why else would you deliberately and intentionally post something in a place where everyone you know can see it? I am more about being satisfied with where and who I am, so this drives me a bit crazy. Yes, sure, sometimes wish I had someone to take out to a fancy dinner or buy flowers for or… whatever it is people do in relationships (how should I even know?), but most of the time I am content where I am in life.

So when I see, in one day, multiple people sharing reasons why I should date a girl who does this or that (from very specific dance to travel to reading to so many other things), it makes me think about how I can respond in a witty fashion. So I took to Twitter with a few thoughts…


To which one of my friends replied:

Fueled by the momentum of positive response, and holding further thoughts in my brain on the subject, I decided to continue…


My comment about pizza received this response;

And I continued…


And finally…

What do you think of all these “date an [X] who [does Y thing]” articles? Weigh in down in comments.

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  1. Kathleen Burns
    January 14, 2014

    Love this. Those articles bug me so much. And I am SO glad you brought up the point that it’s always date a GIRL or MAN. Although they infuriate me, I always read these articles that come up and I read them with through the social justice lens I have permanently fixed on my face. The little voice in the back of my head (that mostly sounds like Jesse Andrews HA) whispers “privilege! privilege! privilege!” throughout reading. It’s always date a person who is fortunate enough to have time/money/ability to do all of these awesome things and some how still support yourself. In reality, the world requires most people to balance jobs, education, etc. So when someone says date a person who has done all of these things what they are saying is date someone with these privileges. Not that having those privileges is bad thing, but I think it’s rather limiting in a superficial and boarder-line prejudice. Oof. This is starting to sound a bit harsh, but the truth has a way of being harsh, doesn’t it? Also I’m not entirely sure I am writing this in a way that makes sense. such is life. I’m done now.

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