Nathanial Garrod

An Easter-Day Lesson on Failure

Well. I guess I failed at my goal. Like any attempt one makes, it worked out for a  few days. I got really into it, and it was working out. But then my routine was shattered for just one day – a Saturday – and everything fell apart. I constantly tried to regain balance, to maintain focus. I couldn’t do it.

So I failed. But in failure, there is always a lesson to be learned.

I do not have to let the calendar determine which 40 days I dedicate my sacrifice. Sure, there is a traditional time. Yes, it is a custom. It is wonderful to have the support of friends who are also making a sacrifice. But ultimately, the only person who controls what I do is me. I can start or stop anything at any time, because I have the power to make a choice.

I do not have to let a calendar select when I choose to star or end a habit. I can make New Year’s resolutions at any point in the year. I am a free individual with the power to make decisions myself. I am not a slave to a calendar.

Let us not forget that every day is a new chance to start again. After all, that is the point of Easter, right? We all fail. We all make mistakes of some kind every day. Yet we always have a chance to start again. Not even every day, but every minute is a chance to remake ourselves – a chance to be better than we were before.

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