Nathanial Garrod

Writing Woes

It feels sometimes like i have a thousand stories, waiting for time to be let out. I feel pretty constant disappointment in myself for all the started pages, lonely paragraphs, completed stories that i have tried to edit multiple times. All I’ve wanted is to tell stories, and I feel so stuck, so uncertain of how to proceed.

Like, do i spend any time at all on blogging? Or is it a waste of finite energy, remaining after a days work. Do I instead think a little bit more and and write more thoughtful content to post to Medium, trying to build an audience from a website that already has heavy readership? Do I write some short stories, or start to invest in something longer? Should I be reviewing things to build my skills?

The reality is, I’m skeptical of writing advice, I’m skeptical of the whole thing. It’s a field where the predominant advice is “here are my experiences, but do what works for you.”

How do i find what works for me? If I wake up and plan to go write instead of running, I feel guilty for not doing work towards my day job. If i wait until the end of the day, I will have given my best to my day job.

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