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Writing on Writing in 2019

I know blog stats are not everything, but after another year where I have run a lot, spent a lot of time watching Netflix and reading books but had some lackluster movement with my writing, I am beginning to feel a bit stagnant. I look at my blog stats and see I am only just barely above where I was last year — and only because I put some mediocre effort in during the month of May.

From a writing session in early 2018 at Caffe Umbria — they give you free chocolate with your coffee!

As I move into next year and setting some specific goals, I have some targeted, writing specific goals.

This next year, I tried to keep track of writing through overall words written — the intent was to be able to work on any project I wanted and still count the words. In reality, this was hard to track.

In 2019, I want to:

Launch a Patreon account! I have been writing a handful of projects, some of which have been going for over a decade. At this point, I need to stop sitting on my laurels and create things that get out the door to people. But what’s this? Oh, it seems foolish to launch a Patreon before I am creating in an open space again regularly!

I want to get 200 views on my blog per month. That means I have to get about six views a day or 50 views a week. This goal feels a bit lofty, but I figure start with high hopes and work things out from there. I know it will not be immediate, and I do not expect this in January or February, but I want to build back to this.

I want to review one book per month in this space. I have spent the last couple years reading 70+ books a year and not talking about them very much at all — that’s all set to change. I have a couple books from NetGalley on my Kindle that are early reviewer copies, and I am pretty thrilled about getting through those before or close to release date. I am hoping that I can move from this to physical ARCs at some point.

I am hoping to have some desk space to work at in my home in the next few months — I think that will make a pretty big difference. But also I want to be intentional about getting up and going to a coffee shop in the morning the same way I would get up early to run.

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