Nathanial Garrod

What Downton Abbey Resonates

I think that Downton Abbey awakens something deep in our core. No, I don’t mean the desire to live in an era with terrible sewage.

As I was pouring my cup of tea this morning (today was Twinings Four Fruits Black Tea), I was thinking about Downton Abbey, which I often do as I drink tea.

Everyone faces struggles. You can’t enjoy the bad without the good, and (cyclically) the good is what makes the bad hurt so much. Struggle is part of what makes life worth living. We work through transitions and failures and challenges everyday. And we do it on hope. Hope that tomorrow will be a better day. Hope that things will work out. Hope that life will go on in a better way because of the challenges we faced today.

I think hope is the core message of Downton Abbey. Hope that things at the end of the day will work out well. There may be a war going on around us, but we will find the answers to our problems, we will make the best of our situation. After all, it’s human nature.

What are the struggles you’re facing right now? What are you doing to make the best of it?

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