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The Welcoming Party

Almost two months ago, I posted about my struggle for motivation to write and to write the right things. My friend Micah responded that I would be motivated if I sunk some money into my blog to get it transferred to a host and to be an actual .com.

I pondered this for awhile.

I thought about it for a little while longer.

I talked to some friends about it. They all gave me the same feedback. Very positive feedback, suggesting I’d probably be a fool if I did not move forward with it.

So I messaged Micah and asked when we could move forward with setting up my new site.

Last Tuesday I got an e-mail from Micah announcing it was set up. So here we are. On

I have a number of posts coming up in the next week or so on my trip to the American College Personal Association (ACPA) conference in Louisville, Kentucky this past week, as well as some other exciting content. I’ll be working to change it and make it better over the next few weeks too, so be looking for that.

Anyways, yay!

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