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Spring Break 2010

As Spring Break ends, I would like to take some time to reflect on and write about the past week. Actually, 10 days.

My Beautiful California University honors Cesar Chavez by allowing us to take the day off in order to commemorate him. Because of furlough days, a number of classes on Thursdays and Fridays were canceled. So the majority of students at my Beautiful California University took this opportunity to start their spring break a few days early. Most people went home on Wednesday or Thursday, and certainly by Friday night everyone was gone.

Thursday, I hung out with my friend L. We watched the first season of “How I Met Your Mother,” did a small amount of homework, and had Beef Stroganoff. “How I Met Your Mother” has an interesting premise and relatively unique characters. It does make me wonder if the majority of my time after I graduate college will be spent sitting in a bar or café. That seems to be the normal thing, as depicted by television sitcoms.

Saturday I was on-call, so I spent most of the day in my room, watching “Gilmore Girls” and cleaning.

On Sunday I went to church and then to my aunts house for Easter dinner.

Monday and Tuesday were also slow days. I moseyed around town and went shopping at Trader Joes. I also started watching “Big Bang Theory” and working on the bibliography for my research project. Since Monday, I have made it through the entire first season and the majority of the second season of “Big Bang Theory.” I really like it. It is smart, funny and fast-paced.

Wednesday, I drove to Two Hours Away to visit my friends L and M. I arrived around 1115, and L and I drove to meet up with some of her friends (who we hung out with for the day) and M. We then went to ToGo’s, where I ordered the most sub-par sandwich in the history of sandwiches. It was a turkey and avocado sandwich. Which has so much potential. And yet, not. We discussed an array of topics from high school prom to… other stuff that I cannot remember off the top of my head. Then we went to play laser tag, which was simultaneously amazing and disappointing. It was amazing in that it was laser tag, which by definition is amazing. It was disappointing because it was basically just a room with a couple of pillars, which is not as epic as laser tag should be. Then we went to get frozen yogurt. Then we went to Town Next To Two Hours Away because M knew about a really cool slide that was hecka tall that was in a park on the edge of Town Next To Two Hours Away. So we’re all there, playing and having fun on the slide in Town Next To Two Hours Away. So, slight digression. You know how at the bottom of every slide in the world, the sand at the bottom of the slide is kinda pushed around to create a bowl like area? Okay. Back to the story. So M is going down the slide. When she gets to the bottom of the slide, her ankle and the bowl like area at the bottom of the slide connect in a way that did not end pleasantly for M. We had to take her to the hospital. There she found out that her ankle was broken. After M’s mother arrived, L, L’s friends and myself left the hospital and continued on to a mall. Then we ate dinner. Before I left Two Hours Away, I stopped by M’s house and visited her. Then I drove back to my Beautiful California University.

Thursday, I woke up late, talked to M on the phone for a bit, and watched Big Bang Theory. Then I met up with one of my aunts and we went to go see Alice in Wonderland. I was not impressed by the film nor was it horrible. It was an average film. Some of the special effects were cool, and they tied in some other stuff that Lewis Carroll wrote in a creative way that made me happy. It also made me remember senior AP English.

On Friday, I drove back to Two Hours Away to visit M. She found out on Thursday that she was getting surgery, and I wanted to hang out with her. So we watched movies. When I left M, I called L and we hung out for awhile. We went to Safeway, so I could buy some water for my drive back and I realized something. My Student ID Card was not in my pocket. This is bad/scary thing because my Beautiful California University uses ID Cards as room keys. So basically I had lost my key. I got the on-call to let me into my room.

To get into your room more than once costs money. So I packed up a bunch of my stuff. On Saturday I went to pick up a friend from the airport bus, so after that I stayed with the twins.

And now it’s Sunday. Today I went to church, then Target, and have been at L’s place watching “How I Met Your Mother.”

Tomorrow I’ll be able to get a new Student ID Card, and the school week will resume.

How was your Spring Break?

2 Comments on “Spring Break 2010

  1. ashley
    April 15, 2010

    Wow, that sounds like a pretty exciting week! I like how your so mysterious about not disclosing what school you go to lol. I’m from the North Bay so maybe that’s close to you?

    I had a pretty good Spring Break as well, spent 2 days at Disneyland :). Weather was awesome down there as well.

  2. Christine
    April 20, 2010

    Spring break was years ago. Finals are practically next week.

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