Nathanial Garrod

Song Sunday – Week 4 (2013)

I first heard this song around Easter 2011 – a friend and I were both in our college town for the majority of Spring Break and decided to make each other Easter baskets, since I had never given or gotten an Easter basket before and we both really love tacky things and celebrating holidays. One of the things I received in my Easter basket was a CD. The majority of it was silly and Disney-esque – my friend was kind of poking fun at me. This track, Like Whoa, was on it. I think it is a fun, sassy, pop-y song. It is not incredible or amazing or genius. It will probably not be well remembered or much cared for in the future, and it is generally about as unnotable as the one-hit “Ay Bay Bay” by Hurricane Chris (the existence of which I was reminded of by Spotify this week). But it’s a simple song with wonderful pop sounds, and I enjoy when it comes on every now and then.

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