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Song Sunday – Easter 2014 Edition

It is, I believe, well known that I love Jesus Christ Superstar. Growing up, I would regularly check out the album from the library,listen to it on repeat for weeks then return it. I would wait by the CD stacks for it to be placed as available and I would take it and check it out again. Non-stop.

I spent hours listening to it. Mostly the second disc, but I know the first disc pretty well too. It started when I picked up a copy of the record at a library book sale when I was very young. Yes, I grew up with a record player. The copy I picked up at the time only had the records for the last half, but I fell in love.

So when The Muppets Christ Superstar made a splash on the internet earlier this week, I was all over it. While not an official Muppets or Andrew Lloyd Webber production, it is great parody.

Give it a listen!

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