Nathanial Garrod

Slices of Cucumber

I make a salad almost every day for work. Typically, I make it the night before. I start with lettuce, add in green pepper, maybe some onion and mushrooms, slice some cheese, throw in some cucumber and call it a day.

I noticed recently that when I start slice a cucumber, the slices are mostly even. When I put it in the fridge and come back to it, the first slice is inevitably uneven. After weeks and weeks of trying, of turning a cucumber to get an even cut when I return to it, I have been unable to get that even cut. It is consistently uneven when I return to it.

Which is okay.

Sometimes you need to step away from something to get a new perspective. A thing that is always even can be a bit uneven when you return to it. An idea that made sense, can (after a moment away from it) be viewed with a more objective lens.

I thought this was a cool thing for a cucumber to remind me.

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