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Selling Books

After I finished my writing today, I set out to run a few errands that needed to be resolved. I stopped by the library, CityTarget and the Post Office, all in short order. These tasks maybe took me not quite an entire hour to complete. Then I went to Powell’s, thinking I would be able to complete all my tasks in a reasonable amount of time and be on my way.

I always forget that during Summertime in Portland, Powell’s books is the place people most want to go. While, in most places, it is now the heat of summer, in Portland we suffer from mostly high-60s or 70s weather the past few weeks. Last Monday, it rained the most it has in a couple weeks. We call this June-uary. This time of year is like late spring, and we all know what kind of cleaning goes with spring.

Spring cleaning. It is spring cleaning that goes along with spring.

Which means there were a lot of folks in line to sell books back. A lot of people, selling a lot of books. After waiting for awhile, I decided that sharing constant updates of the situation was the best way to keep myself entertained.

Yes, I did wonder a bit if I should go home and try again another day.

Then it happened, the moment I had been waiting for. I was called up. I pulled my five books out of my bag. The employee scanned each one, a couple twice. He put two to the side and said “I can offer you $6 cash or $9 store credit.”

I always take store credit.

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