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Running Log – April 12-18

This week I ran less times, but longer distances. Training for the half marathon is going well. I would say that in general, I feel overall satisfied with my progress. I am currently fundraising for The Cupcake Girls PDX, and I think what they do is so important. Check out my donations page if you are interested and you have not donated yet. The minimum donation is $10, which I know can seem like a lot out of your pocket that will make such a small difference, but all together it makes a huge difference! When you donate, make sure to uncheck the Nevada’s Big Give box!

12 April, 2014 – 6.13 miles – 1:01:36
I was not expecting to run again today, after my six miles yesterday. I mean, I did not expect to run any distance. But one of my running friends texted me and asked me to go for a run, so I decided to go for it. I thought my performance today would be decreased by the fact that just over 18 hours before, I ran 6.4 miles. Did not expect to make it around the riverfront more than once. Then I finished a second loop.

15 April, 2014 – 3.50 miles – 33:46
Intended to hit four miles today, but the loop I ran was a bit shorter than I thought. I need to add the handful of songs I downloaded recently to a longer playlist – listening to the same tracks two or three times during a run gets a bit bland, no matter how cool the tracks are. I probably need to start stretching.
On short run days, I always feel like I am not living up to my potential. I know short runs are necessary and important and stuff. Still cannot help but feel like I should be running more on these days.

17 April, 2014 – 6.5 miles – 1:00:41

The sunshine broke through at the end of my last run this week.

The sunshine broke through at the end of my last run this week.

Not only is this my longest run, but I beat last weeks time for a 10k, which is pretty awesome. When I started running it was that sort of rain that only really happens in the Pacific Northwest. You know, where there is a light mist that somewhat resembles rain failing from the sky? It turned into a light rain, which turned into a cold rain – I know the rain was not freezing, but it sure sent a chill through my body as I started my second loop. It was cold. For a moment or two, it was raining so hard I could barely see. I just kept forward, one foot after the other. I remember running through ice/snow in Oklahoma. Then cold rain let up, and the sun shined through the clouds. I tried a new playlist today, and it went well. Probably needs more angsty Linkin Park.

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