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Restaurant Review: Montage

Ten minutes after Montage opened on Saturday evening, we walked in and were told there was a twenty minute wait.

Wait, what?

I guess that was our first sign of how delicious the food was going to be. We made our way to the back bar to wait out the time. The bar had various older board games, trivial pursuit cards and books sitting around. As we waited, it filled up to the volume level of a low roar. Also, I read to my group what seemed like an annoyingly large number of Trivial Pursuit cards.

We were seated close to the kitchen, where yells for Mussels and Oysters were frequent. The seating is styled so that all seats at a table were filled. So moments after our four-person group was seated at our six-seat table, two guys were seated next to us.

We ordered the crawfish hush puppies as an appetizer. I ordered the garlic bacon mac and cheese.

The crawfish hush puppies were delicious. They came with a dipping sauce that was a sort of red color, and had just barely the kick of spice.

After some wait in the dimly lit restaurant, some delightful conversation with friends, and enjoyment of the waiters calling out for Oysters and “3 Mighty Mussels!” our food came. Not, as one might expect, in sensible portions, but in glorious volume. My gigantic bowl of garlic/bacon mac and cheese surpassed even the volume of food I can typically eat.

The bacon was sprinkled throughout, with cloves of garlic and a healthy dose of Parmesan on top. It could have used a little bit more salt – despite my attempt to use the salt shaker, it must have been empty or not working or something. I could not tell with the light being so low.

I tried bites of my friends meals – the crawfish jumbalaya was tasty, but I loved the sausage in the sausage jumbalaya. The other mac at the table was good, but I preferred mine. Unfortunately, I do not remember which mac the other one was.

All in all, a delightful experience, and I would definitely go back and try another mac – the Spold Mac definitely looked delicious. So probably that.

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